Floating pontoon systems

Pontoon segments are produced using modern production methods and equipment. Many years of experience in this field enabled us to achieve the highest quality and stability of the pontoons on the water.

We use the highest quality and 100% recyclable plastic. This plastic is also resistant to Ultraviolet rays. Therefore, our pontoons can be maintained for a long time.

Pontoon system consists of individual segments of cube-shaped pontoons. Their dimensions are 50x50x50cm and once assembled they are exposed above water for about 40cm. One of the segments only weigh 6.2kg so they are easy to transport and assemble. Even though they are lightweight, these segments are extremely durable and their special design provides a large lifting capacity of 320kg / m²

Pontoon system assembly instructions

Assembly instruction

Pontoon system assembly is very simple. 4 pontoon segments are placed interlocking each other and connected with a pin. To fasten the connection you use a mounting wrench. Thus there are numerous options when planning the layout of the platform.

Our pontoons require no maintenance and are resistant to the effects of nature: cold, heat, sea water and acidity. They can stay floating in water even in winter - it won’t deform the pontoons in any way. The construction is completely mobile, so you can move or transport it through water without much hassle. The disassembly is just as easy so you can put the pontoons in storage if that is needed.


  • Virtually no maintenance
  • No risk of injuries
  • Extremely durable
  • Easily assembled
  • Can lift a lot of weigh
  • Individual layout
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures and UV rays
  • Stable and non-slippery
  • Lightweight
  • Mobile


The surface of the pontoons is non-slippery so you can walk on them safely.
The plastic used for production is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. We contribute to the conservation of nature.
The result - long-term survivability and efficiency, without incurring any additional direct and indirect costs.

Additional equipment

Since the pontoon segments have handles on the sides (“ears” as we call them), they generally can claim a wide range of equipment: ladders, railings, equipment for boats. This makes it possible to arrange a perfect floating pontoon system according to your wishes.